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Tile Contractors
In Raleigh

Tiles have always been a passion for us here in Raleigh. We know how much they can add to a home. We also understand how important it is to have them properly installed. When you need tile installation you want to get professionals that
know the best way to approach the tiles so they are installed properly.

Our Services

Floor Tile Installation

Tiles have to many options in aesthetic and looks. You can bring in beautiful colors into your home, or accent any room with amazing patterns.

Shower Tile Installation

Shower Tile Installation

When it comes to installing tile in a bathroom or shower tile can beautify the space so you love your shower. We do a great job of shower tile installing.

Custom Tile Solutions

When you need something out of the ordinary tiled, have no fear because we can do that for you. Our services include customized tile solutions for your every need.

​Backsplash Tile Installation

A backsplash is essential to safeguarding and saving the walls around your stove, or sinks. When you get a beautiful tiled backsplash you can have it worked in so it compliments your home and the rest of the house.

Tile Repair

A broken tile in a perfect tiled floor can feel like a huge bummer. Thankfully we are there to help you sort through that. When it comes to repairing tiles we have mastered it and would love to help you with broken tiles.

Tile Removal

When you have gotten sick of that tiling and want to replace it with something newer, maybe more modern tile, we are experts in tile removal. Our expertise does not stop at tile installation, but it also includes tiles removal.


About Us

Raleigh Tile Installation refers the best tile installers in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas. Our contractors specialize in ceramic, slate, stone and marble tile installation in kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors. Our contractors work in both residential and commercial sectors.

Happy Customers

"I hired the experts working at Raleigh Tile Installation to install tiles on my office floors. They were quick to get to work and finished the job in a timely manner. I am very happy with their service and will be contacting them again for tile installation in my home.”
Betty M. Schmitt
“Ever since Raleigh Tile Installation worked on my kitchen, I feel so happy to be in the kitchen! The backsplash is of high-quality and all the guests compliment me on my kitchen. They deserve the five stars”
Betty Q. Yeager
“I am impressed with how Raleigh Tile Installation were able to meet my requirements with their custom solutions. I can tell that they are deeply in love with what they do. They have a great understanding of aesthetics.”
Elda P. Clements

Why choose us?

We are a popular choice among many homeowners and business owners that live in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas. Here are a few reasons why we are so sought after:

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